About the Comic

Table Talk was developed by Seth Elberger based on his dinner table conversations with his family and friends.  Some comics were made to signal important events or interpret overheard conversations.  Characters Zack and Super Seth are loosely autobiographical.  The others are combinations of friends, family, and Seth's very active imagination.  The comic is whimsical and entertaining for a variety of audiences. For suggestions on comic topics or to commission a comic, contact Seth directly. For more information on purchasing goods from Table Talk Comics stay tuned as the Store develops. 

About the Author

Seth R. Elberger, owner and designer of SRV Design, LLC, is an expert artist in both digital and traditional mediums.  He currently resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area drawing comics and designing for web and print clients.  Seth developed Table Talk Comics as his first of several webcomic projects.  Further details on future release of other projects can be found in the News section.  As a lighthearted take on everyday life, Table Talk Comics looks through the humorous 'lens' of Super Seth and his family.  Seth has been drawing since he was a youngster, his personality and passion for the arts shines through in his characters.  To find out more about Seth Elberger's art, visit SethElberger.com and SimplyKnotty.com.  To learn more about his web and print design, visit SRV Design, LLC.

How the Comic is Made

Table Talk is hand-drawn in pencil on standard copy paper and then inked. It is then scanned and converted to a vector image before being colored. Eventually a tutorial will be posted for those interested in the "drawn out" process. The computer software used is Photoshop and Illustrator. Currently, Seth uses a content management system to display his comics with a code basis in php. The CMS being used is Joomla.

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