Updated Schedule & More

Well, the comic is officially back up and running. There will still be a few tweaks to style and site look over the next couple of weeks as I streamline things and get into a habit of updating regularly. For now Table Talk will update 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday). Updates will be posted between midnight and 4am (just depends on if I am posting that night or preposted the comic.)

For the few of you that have already emailed me asking how I have changed drawing the comic. Here are my current steps (which will change a bit over the next few weeks).
1) Rough Pencil (red)
2) Cleanup Pencil (blue)
3) Ink (adobe Illustrator)
4) Color (Photoshop)
5) Text (Photoshop)
6) Post

Not counting shading (which will start up again in a week or two), this is now 4 steps shorter. A friend of mine told me I like to do things in as many steps as possible, so I am trying to cut out a few steps where possible to save time (and hopefully improve the comic).

I have added a submission form for comic ideas. You can just submit and idea and if I like it I'll use it and give you credit for the idea, or you can submit and idea, pay for it and get a digital and printed copy of the comic and more. Check out the Store and the Custom Comic form soon!

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