New Look & Another New CMS

Hello all!

Thought it was time to get back on the Table Talk horse and get some comics up. Over the next week or two you will be noticing changes to this site, and soon some new comics to read as well. The biggest change I have made is switching the content management system (CMS) I have been using for the site. I first tried making my site with a flash based CMS, but that didn't last long. After realizing the headache it could become I switched to SomeryC. Enjoying the use of SomeryC for several years I decided it was time for a fresh start in all aspects of Table Talk so the proverbial out with the old in with the new took place. I am now using Joomla for my CMS and so far I am liking how it works and the ease of customizing it to my likes/wants. There will be a few changes to the looks and functionality of the site over the course of the next week or so, but once new comics start to post things should be set for a good while in how the site is looking and functioning. This year with the new look to the site there will also finally be a functional store. For the time being only prints of episodes and custom art with a table talk theme will be available. But, as the traffic to the site/store increase so will the products offered.
As for changes to the comic itself, I don't think there will be much of major notice. The drawing style might alter slightly as my drawing technique has changed a bit since the last time any Table Talk episodes were drawn. Otherwise it will be the same characters and the same twisted sense of humor. Enjoy!

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