Super Seth

supersethA child super hero. His super powers include super gas (mega farts) and hyper activity. He uses rootbeer and golden cream cakes to fuel his super powers.


uckA chemically unbalanced wall clock with a yin yang symbol for a face. He is extremely afraid of the minute hand when it is over the '6' for fear of piercing his lip.


zackSuper Seth's older brother and a freelance artist. A lazy bum at heart, Zack always seems to be taking the blame for Super Seth's mischievous acts.


rach(Ray-ch) Zack's friend. Known for her glasses and 2 strands of hair always in her face, she is a playful woman who always tries to be something she's not (like a librarian or nurse).


becky(AKA Princess Becky) She is losely based on my sister. Super Seth's nemesis. She is a cute playful little girl with a vindictive streak to her.


dadDad is based on my father. He is the father of Super Seth, Zack, and Becky (aka Princess Becky).


momMom is based on my mother. She is the mother to Super Seth, Zack, and Becky (aka Princess Becky).


dogThe dog has yet to be named (I'm still working on it). He can be very playful, quite annoying and even an evil mastermind from time to time.


kidneyKidney is a new member to the Table Talk cast even while being a part of one of the oldest members. Kidney is very 'organ-ized' and will be a star in mid-2011 episodes.

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